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When it comes to the subject of "Cops, Courts and Constitutions" you should always have a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who is focused on serving your interests, and that's why #HaberPA exists.  While we can't stop the cops from arresting you, as your legal counsel Michael A. Haber, Esq. will both ensure that your rights are respected from the moment that representation begins and that any abused which may have occurred are subsequently remedied.

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With no history of professional misconduct whatsoever, Michael A. Haber, Esq. has been providing boutique and effective Criminal Defense, DUI, BUI, Domestic Violence, Seal and Expunge and Victim's Rights Advocacy representation, sound counsel, creative strategy and litigation services on a variety of matters ranging from misdemeanors to murder and from traffic to trafficking since 1991.

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We are on opposite coasts in Florida. But if your anywhere near Miami and you don't choose this lawyer you don't deserve him. He is above and beyond anything you would expect from a lawyer. He is honest, goes
right to the point in very plain everyday language to explain how the law reads and works. I put my question in on a Saturday.

Mike represented me on a DUI arrest, I was pulled over and did not blow into the breathalyzer but may have been over limit. I spoke with 3 attorneys. Mike was the only straight-shooter. I plead out and enteres Advocate Program(which was a great option for me).

I have never once in my life been placed into the situation I was placed in before until May-thankfully I was put in touch with Michael Haber. I have never felt more at ease throughout this difficult and unfortunate process if it weren't for Michael.

As juvenile I was one of the many clients misrepresented by a lawyer named Roach; I learned to be cautious of the power and trust I gave to so called professionals. So I obviously had my reservations and questions for the next one. I'm glad that I found Michael Haber by researching peer reviews, beacuse he did not let me down.

I had and old felony arrest from 1997 that I decided to expunge in 2015. I searched the web and found Mike Haber's Youtube webisodes on expunging cases in Florida and then I saw his AVVO's legal guide, which is why I called him. He did great, through job. Got more than my $$$'s worth!

I have the opportunity to hire Michael for a DV/Resistant w/Violence. He was a great attorney from the begenning always available and very prompt in answering emails and returning calls. He had a great knowledge of how things worked and what to do

Attorney Michael Harper was able to reassure my friend regarding a matter that took a weeks ago in Florida. I would give him more than a 5 star rating, if it was available. Avvo has some of the most experienced, and caring Attorney's I have ever seen on the internet.

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Meet Attorney Michael A. Haber

Michael A. Haber, P.A. has provided personalized and boutique legal services to both individuals and entities, primarily in the South Florida area, since 1991.  With no history of professional discipline whatsoever, Michael A. Haber, Esq. zealously advocates his client's interests and custom tailors his services to meet each client's particular criminal law case, situation, needs, and desires.

Whether in State or Federal Courts, Michael A. Haber, P.A. strives to ensure that his client's rights are respected and that his clients receive top-tier legal representation and counsel.

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  •   Top notch, very skilled, and highly attentive. Mr. Haber is a fantastic criminal defense attorney.

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  •   Thanks again. You are second to none when it comes to defending your clients. For that, I thank you

    thumb Leo Gonzalez
  •   Excellence in criminal defense. Very informative And upfront of wiyh your crimanal defense

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  •   will be my go-to guy should the need arise..

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  •   Michael is the person to call when you need help or advice! He understands.

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  •   Amazing attorney!

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  •   Michael has helped my family and I on a few occasions and the results were excellent, he represents his clients with the utmost respect and professionalism.

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  •   ABSOLUTELY Michael. Your my second favorite Lawyer behind my cousins Law firm in Brooklyn. The Berkman Law Firm.

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25 Years of Experience

When you call #HaberPA you will speak with Michael Haber, Esq., who will personally handle your Criminal, DUI, BUI or Domestic Violence matter, and if you have a collateral or other legal issue then #HaberPA can, and will, direct you to trusted colleagues or proven resources.

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FL Mother & Daughter Duo are Arrested in Police Sting Op for Operating an Erotic Massage Parlor out of the Carport of their Sarasota Home

By Michael A. Haber | September 20, 2017

Family Business FAIL! / Unhappy Ending: FL Mother & Daughter Duo are Arrested in a Police Sting Op for Running an Unlicensed Erotic Massage Parlor which Advertised on out of the Carport of their Sarasota Home Meet 55 y/o Anne Marie Dodge (left) and her 30 y/o daughter Jennifer Lynn Dodge, both of Sarasota,…

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Woman Posts a Real Time Video of Sexual Assault to Snapchat leading Cops to Locate and Arrest her Rapist

By Michael A. Haber | September 19, 2017

Social Media WIN! An OH Woman managed to Post a Real Time Video of her Sexual Assault to Snapchat, prompting a Friend to call the Police and helping Cops to locate and Arrest the Rapist Below is a picture (a mug shot actually) of 77 y/o James Allen of Danbury Township, Ohio. Jim was booked…

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Mother Arrested for Child Abuse after Slapping, Beating with a Belt and Tasering her 5 y/o Son who's School Performance was not up to Par

By Michael A. Haber | September 5, 2017

Child Discipline FAIL! A 27 y/o TX Mother is Arrested for Child Abuse after disciplining her 5 y/o son by Slapping his Face leaving Bruising), Beating him with a Belt (leaving Welts) and using a Taser on him for “running away” instead of talking with her about his School Performance Meet 27 y/o Whitney White…

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Anime Inspired Firebending "Punch Activated Arm Flamethrowers" now exist thanks to YouTube DIY Tech Star Allen Pan

By Michael A. Haber | September 1, 2017

Sufficiently Advanced Technology or Magic? “Punch Activated Arm Flamethrowers” are for real world “Firebending”… Just like your favorite Anime and Video Games, DIY “Street Fighter”' Flamethrower Gloves now let you Blast out Fireballs with “Good Punches” Meet Korra. That's her below. Korra is from “The Legend of Korra”, a part of the TV series “Avatar”…

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Rookie Police Officer Cites Young Mother for Shoplifting but also Pays out of his own Pocket for the Diapers that she was trying to Steal

By Michael A. Haber | August 31, 2017

Random Act of Police Kindness: A Rookie Cop who was called to the Scene of a Shoplifting incident where a young Mother had attempted to Steal Diapers for her infant son ans the Officer wound up going into his own pocket to pay for and gave the Diapers to the Mother, as well as a…

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20 y/o Dallas Woman is Arrested for "Street Racing" and Child Endangerment after 120 mph Ride & Wreck with unrestrained Baby in Car

By Michael A. Haber | August 30, 2017

A 20 y/o TX Woman who was Racing another Car on a Dallas Roadway at Speeds up to 120 mph with an unrestrained 13 month old Baby inside of the Car when she Wrecked was Arrested for Racing on a Highway, Child Endangerment and Criminal Negligence Meet 20 y/o Keirra Beatty of Dallas ,Tx. That's…

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Police K9 quickly locates a missing Elderly FL Woman with Dementia who had gone missing because she had "Bottled her Scent"

By Michael A. Haber | August 29, 2017

The Law of the 7 “P's” (Proper Prior Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance): An Elderly FL Woman who suffers from Dementia had smartly “Bottled her Scent” which assisted a Police K-9 in Promptly Locating her after she had gone Missing An unidentified elderly woman with dementia from a small town called Sugarmill Woods (which is…

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Lawyer Seeks New Trial for Convicted Drug Dealer Client alleging that a quick Verdict was reached so a Juror could Steal Evidence (Oxycodone Pills)

By Michael A. Haber | August 25, 2017

After his Client Was Convicted on Drug Charges an OH Lawyer is Seeking a New Trial on the basis that a “Quick Verdict” was reached so that a Juror could get away with Stealing an Evidence Package that Contained 71 – 30mg Oxycodone Pills Meet Columbus, Ohio attorney John David Moore Jr.. That's him below……

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Federal Judge Issues Entertaining Order Denying a Government Request for a Continuance so an Agent can watch the Eclipse

By Michael A. Haber | August 23, 2017

A Federal Judge in FL Authored an Amusing Order that cited Star Trek and a Carly Simon Song when he Denied the Government's Request to Delay a Trial so that one of their essential Witnesses (an ATF Agent) could attend a pre-planned Trip to Watch the Full Solar Eclipse Monday's (August 21st, 2017) full solar…

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Woman Arrested for Burglary w/ Domestic Violence Battery after Breaking into her Ex's House & Pummeling his New Girlfriend

By Michael A. Haber | August 23, 2017

FL Woman Breaks into her Ex-Boyfriend's House for a Booty Call, finds him in Bed with his current Girlfriend, proceeded to Pummel the other Girl and was Arrested for Burglary with Battery (a non-bondable Felony punishable by LIFE in Prison) Meet 27 y/o Krystina Joy Rivera of Clearwater, FL. That's her below, during happy time…..…

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