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Since 1991 Michael A. Haber, P.A. has been providing effective representation, sound counsel and creative criminal defense strategy and litigation services on a variety of matters ranging from misdemeanors to murder and from traffic to trafficking.

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We are on opposite coasts in Florida. But if your anywhere near Miami and you don't choose this lawyer you don't deserve him. He is above and beyond anything you would expect from a lawyer. He is honest, goes
right to the point in very plain everyday language to explain how the law reads and works. I put my question in on a Saturday.

Mike represented me on a DUI arrest, I was pulled over and did not blow into the breathalyzer but may have been over limit. I spoke with 3 attorneys. Mike was the only straight-shooter. I plead out and enteres Advocate Program(which was a great option for me).

I have never once in my life been placed into the situation I was placed in before until May-thankfully I was put in touch with Michael Haber. I have never felt more at ease throughout this difficult and unfortunate process if it weren't for Michael.

As juvenile I was one of the many clients misrepresented by a lawyer named Roach; I learned to be cautious of the power and trust I gave to so called professionals. So I obviously had my reservations and questions for the next one. I'm glad that I found Michael Haber by researching peer reviews, beacuse he did not let me down.

I had and old felony arrest from 1997 that I decided to expunge in 2015. I searched the web and found Mike Haber's Youtube webisodes on expunging cases in Florida and then I saw his AVVO's legal guide, which is why I called him. He did great, through job. Got more than my $$$'s worth!

I have the opportunity to hire Michael for a DV/Resistant w/Violence. He was a great attorney from the begenning always available and very prompt in answering emails and returning calls. He had a great knowledge of how things worked and what to do

Attorney Michael Harper was able to reassure my friend regarding a matter that took a weeks ago in Florida. I would give him more than a 5 star rating, if it was available. Avvo has some of the most experienced, and caring Attorney's I have ever seen on the internet.

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Meet Attorney Michael A. Haber

Michael A. Haber, P.A. has provided personalized and boutique legal services to both individuals and entities, primarily in the South Florida area, since 1991.  With no history of professional discipline whatsoever, Michael A. Haber, Esq. zealously advocates his client's interests and custom tailors his services to meet each client's particular criminal law case, situation, needs, and desires.

Whether in State or Federal Courts, Michael A. Haber, P.A. strives to ensure that his client's rights are respected and that his clients receive top-tier legal representation and counsel.

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With the Law Offices of Michael A. Haber, P.A., you get personal service and attention from Michael Haber, a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney. He handles all aspects of your case and has many resources for non-criminal legal issues.

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Air Marshall FAIL! A "Newly Hired" Air Marshall "Accidentally" Left her Gun on the Bathroom Floor during Trans-Atlantic Flight

By Michael A. Haber | May 22, 2017

Air Marshall FAIL! A “Newly Hired” Female U.S. Air Marshall “Accidentally” Leaves her Gun on the Bathroom Floor during Trans-Atlantic Flight             Per Wikipedia: The Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) is a United States federal law enforcement agency under the supervision of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the United…

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Local CA School Board President is Arrested for Trafficking in Kiddie Porn after "Thousands" of Images were found in his home

By Michael A. Haber | May 19, 2017

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Investigation ends with Buena Park, CA School District Board President being Arrested for Trafficking in Child Porn after “Thousands” of Videos and Images were Seized from an “Electronic Storage Device” found his Home Meet 50 y/o Dennis Brian Chambers of Buena Park, California. Dennis is, er was, the President…

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VIDEO: Police and School Officials Offer OH High School Kids a chance to Volunteer to be Pepper Sprayed for a School "Criminal Science Technology" Project

By Michael A. Haber | May 18, 2017

And I thought that my Kid's Annual Science Fair Project Sucked… Watch VIDEO of Ohio High School Students Students Screaming in Agony after they Volunteered to be PEPPER SPRAYED for a School Criminal Science Technology Project A group of High School Students who are studying criminal science technology at Barberton High School in Barberton, Ohio…

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Smurf FAIL! / War on Cops: Man Pisses on Police Car, Punches out Window & Sucker Punches Uniformed Cop in Face

By Michael A. Haber | May 17, 2017

Smurf's Gone Wild / War on Cops: For Reasons Unknown, a Blue-Haired Dallas, TX Man Walks out of a Restaurant, Urinates on a Police Car, proceeds to Punch out one of the Squad Car's Windows and then Sucker Punches a Uniformed Cop in the Face Meet 27 y/o William Holmes of Dallas, TX. That's him…

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A Police K-9 discovers that an Ohio Father had a hidden "Mobile Meth Lab" Hidden under a 2 y/o Child's Car Seat

By Michael A. Haber | May 16, 2017

A Routine Traffic Stop for a “Minor Equipment Violation” Leads to an Epic Parenting FAIL! A Police K-9 discovers that an Ohio Father had a hidden “One Pot Mobile Meth Lab” under an Occupied 2 y/o Child's Car Seat Meet 34 y/o Charles Huff. That's his mug shot below… And this is Argo, a Perry…

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A Miami Man is Arrested for Impersonating a Cop for using a Fake Cop Car to Pull Over a Real Police Officer in an Unmarked Vehicle

By Michael A. Haber | May 15, 2017

Police Impersonation Snafu: In an Impossible and Self-Anointed Vigilante Bid to Rid the 305 Streets of Texting Drivers & Speeders, another would-be Fake Cop Pulls over a Real Miami-Dade County, FL Police Officer, landing himself in Jail with Felony Charges… Meet 46 y/o Marcos Pacheo-Bustamante. That's his mug shot below… Marcos drives a green Ford…

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Beware of "Spy Hooks" – Coat Hangars with Hidden Cameras that can Record you in Bathrooms, Dressing or Hotel Rooms

By Michael A. Haber | May 12, 2017

FL Keys Video Voyeurism Sheriff's Investigation Reveals “Spy Hooks”, which are Coat Hangers costing as little at $8.50 on eBay or $14.00 at Walmart, which were installed in 3 different Women's Bathrooms in the Keys, that have Hidden Cameras and which Perverts can use to Watch you while inside of a Bathroom, a Dressing Room,…

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Watch Video of how 2 Jeep Drivers Teach a Lesson to a Mercedes Benz Driver who had Parked in 2 Spots!

By Michael A. Haber | May 11, 2017

Sweet Revenge on a Douche-Baggerous Parker 101: Watch Video of how 2 Jeep Drivers Teach a Mercedes Benz Driver that Parked like an A**hole – taking up 2 Spots – a Lesson… Classic! Who has NOT experienced the frustration of trying to find parking and seeing a car taking up 2 spaces (or parked in…

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NY Woman Wearing "Support Your Local Bartender" T-Shirt is Arrested for DUI Accident w/ her 6 y.o in the Car & Resisting Arrest

By Michael A. Haber | May 10, 2017

Yet another all-time Dumb T-Shirt Story: A NY Woman who was Wearing a “Support Your Local Bartender” T-Shirt and Drink-Driving – with her 6 y/o Son in the Car – Crashed into a Parked Car & then Fought with the Law (but the Law Won)… Bad decisions. Some folks just cannot avoid making them, and…

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Cell Phone Snafu: A Routine Traffic Stop ends in an Arrest and Seizure of 325 lbs of Marijuana & $1+Mil in Cash~ Call Michael A. Haber, Esq. @ 1-888-SHARK-8-1

By Michael A. Haber | May 9, 2017

Ultimate CA Irony: A Routine Traffic Stop for Violating a Brand New Traffic Law (which prohibited holding a cell phone while driving) ends in an Arrest over 325 lbs. of Marijuana, which had just been completely Decriminalized), plus $1+Mil in Cash CHiPs (California Highway Patrol) lucked into a huge bust after reportedly pulling over a…

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