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He answered all my questions on the same day he is a very professional lawyer and I am very happy to have contacted him.

He's outstanding


I would definitely recommen Mr.Haber for anyone's case. He helped me tp understand my fathers situation clearly and I am just 14 years old. If he was to be my dads lawyer I know he would do an outstanding job



Michael is totally professional, thorough and confident. He was able to consolidate past and present cases and at the end have a victory outcome. He was prompt at returning phone calls and emails and thoroughly explaining the process and procedures involving the criminal justice system. I am very grateful for his help and knowledge. I would definitely recommend him without any hesitation. THANK YOU!!!

Historic sexual assault


I called Mr Haber with some pretty vague yet differcult for me questions from the UK today about a sexual assault that was done to me 30 years ago, not only did he take the time to speak to me personally, he gave me straight answers to my questions, made a lot of my questions clearer. I really appreciated your honest if not somewhat forthright advice! Thank you, I will be in touch when I get to Florida, thanks again.

Best possible outcome


Never in my worst nightmares would I consider that I would need criminal representation. I was lost in a system I was unfamiliar with. I interviewed multiple attorneys and based on only a hunch picked one with real showmanship flair. That was a huge mistake and costly one at that. It became very clear I was not being represented by the “previous attorney’s office”. After ten months of being held on a no pay status with my professional career; a colleague referred me to Mr. Haber and once we spoke on the phone, it was clear that Michael Haber was the attorney I was looking for. From that point on I felt as though I would be represented and treated fairly and with supreme knowledge of the law.
Mr. Haber and I spoke for what was easily over half an hour, and then he suggested what not a single other attorney to that point had; coming over to my house to personally observe my version of occurrences that evening.
Upon completing the visit he had concluded that that I should take my case in another direction. He was very clear and knowledgeable of the law in respect to this new direction, after all he advised me that I was a victim in this case. Not one single attorney, to this point, considered to visit where the incident occurred, and personally walk through my version of events as well as interview eye witnesses.
Michael advised me as no other attorney had. He initiated his research, had a technician come by the scene to diagram it, collected information “others” failed to do and set us on the right course.
It was not an easy time for me, but Mr. Haber kept me informed, up to the minute, via constant and diligent communication. In court, there was an apparent air of respect for Mr. Haber, he professionally and clearly guided me through each proceeding. Although it was not easy for me, at least I knew what to expect. When the difficult decision to plea out or go to trial came, his firm, no-nonsensical approach kept me focused.
His team provided an excellent presentation in court, and Michael Adam Haber and team accomplished what others could not and would not do. Michael’s guidance yielded me the “best possible outcome”.
Michael is always available, dedicated, knowledgeable and street savvy; A very kind yet no-nonsense kind of man. His assertive nature makes him the best I know in his field. Truly a “Shark”.
Mr. Haber recently had my case expunged. To this day my wife and I still consider him not only our attorney, but a friend.
Honestly I would recommend no one else. Give him a call, you’ll understand.

Highly Recommended


Michael A. Harber defended me on a Charge on 4/28/17 this past year. From the moment I called Michael in tears . He spoke with me for almost 3 hours on the next steps we both needed to take to tackle this charge. He was so on top of me with getting things done and making sure to keep me very updates minute by minute. He was kind enough to speak to all parties in my family , even went as far as driving me to some of my probation check ins. I can't recommend the guy enough. I consider him part of my family due to what he did for me and got me through. Honestly one of the worst times in my life. Thank you so much Michael Haber for saving me and making me see the light and become a better human being.

Thorough and Knowledgable


Mike recently represented me and I am incredibly happy with Mr. Haber's knowledge and professionalism. From our first conversation through the closing of the proceedings Mike was always there when I needed him, answered every question that I had, and steered me through the Byzantine process that I was in. I would advise any individual looking for representation to contact Mike Haber.



Exceptional lawyer with outstanding view that can really help those who need consultants. I recommend him for any case in Florida or even outside the state or the country

Very excellent


I really didn’t have any hope at first with Michael I was a little worried he was so confident and assertive and I thought he wasn’t hearing me but he was , he always had positive real facts no bullshit or beating around the bush he kept it 100% all the way through and I think him for that , the results were phenomenal and I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.

Attorney Mike Haber is one of a kind.


After hiring a lawyer who turned out to be unfit for my case, I turned to AVVO and searched for a lawyer with many positive reviews. That's when I came across Mike Haber. After watching his YouTube videos, I decided to give him a call. We met on a Saturday right outside his sons Karate school. After our first meeting, it was clear that he'd be the right lawyer for my case. Dedicated, ambitious, and aggressive, Mike takes the time to explain everything clearly. I was amazed the first time walking into court with him, he was able to have me in and out of the courtroom within 5 minutes. Avoided a felony conviction in my case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges.